Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Finding My Inspiration to Exercise

As I try to find balance in my life, and for my blog, one of the things I am turning to with more and more regularity is exercise. I’ve discovered that there is nothing quite like the endorphin rush of physically pushing myself to stave off a bad mood. Although running is the clear winner for me in that respect, given we have -20C temperatures and snow for a good portion of the year, there’s also a need to find indoor activities that make me sweat.

Exercise is what helped me make my first true friend in town, we started off running and have ended up with a regular morning workout routine on all three of my days off. We have done PIYO (my favourite), P90X (which I don’t mind) and even tried a few Insanity videos (which I hated), but the routine of it all has really helped me carve out a little bit of guilt-free time that’s just for me. An essential for all parents, but as a working mom, I REALLY appreciate this special time.

My friend and I were doing amazing in the fall, working out three days a week we were both as strong and fit as we’d ever been, and then Christmas came along and suddenly we fell off the bandwagon. I registered my kids in early morning swimming lessons and suddenly we lost one of our regular weekend workouts and for the last few months we have struggled to find our stride and get back on track with our exercise regime.

Because, when you’re on track with your exercise, being on track with your food seems so much more natural and that is a recipe for success.

I know that you don’t need STUFF to have a good workout, but by the same token something so simple as a new gadget or outfit can be so inspiring to keep pushing forward. And so, this month I ordered a new FitbitCharge HR to replace my recalled Force (which I miss a lot) and I also took a chance and ordered a new outfit from Fabletics.

 Seriously, isn’t it just adorable? And including shipping and exchange it going to cost me about $40 cdn. Granted future outfits will be more because I won’t have a first purchase discount, but if they are honestly of the quality that all the blog reviews say they are, then it will still be well worth the cost and much less than the highly coveted Lululemon.

So, how about you, how do you stay inspired to stay fit?
And what is your workout of choice? Variety is the spice of life after all.

Disclosure: this post includes both affiliate and referral links, however all opinions are my own.