Saturday, May 16, 2015

It's May Long Weekend and I'm NOT camping

It's May long weekend; the unofficial start of camping season in British Columbia. Given that our family purchased a truck and trailer in the past couple of months there is a general assumption that tonight, we are sitting around a campfire enjoying our new digs.

In truth, I'm sitting on my beautiful deck, enjoying a fantastic view and a glass of wine.
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And I couldn't be happier.

May long weekend inevitably brings with it, extra excessive drinking and rowdiness, horrible traffic and quite frankly far too many people for my liking. Plus we're still waiting on our 'trailer lesson' from our fabulous friends, whom I'm confident will ensure that we don't break anything critical.

We will certainly have mishaps and a steep learning curve as we begin our adventures, but today, this weekend, its not the time.

Do you long weekend camp? Or do you avoid it like the plague?
I'm curious if we're the only ones who'd rather wait for the yahoos to vacate before the adventures begin.